2018 Session Tracks

Technology Sessions

This track will focus on a single technology used in an online class. Presenters should focus on what the tool is and how it has been used in class. Presenters should include examples, screenshots, videos or other mechanisms to convey its use and implementation. The session should also inform attendees why it works, the benefits of using the tool, and some of the challenges or pitfalls new users should be aware of. The goal of this track is to share functional tools in a way that allows others to readily adopt them. These sessions are 30 minutes each.


  • Presenters deliver a 2-minute dynamic pitch of an interesting idea, strategy, or tool that they have employed in their course. After all speakers deliver their pitches, there will be time for attendees to meet and greet with the speakers to continue the conversation and learn more about the ideas that interest them. These sessions will not have any technology associated with them (no projectors will be available) and include a 2-minute pitch plus question time for presenters and participants.

  • Meet with trainers from UITS (the "doctors") to answer specific course questions regarding technology.

  • Come play with tools, technologies and software KSU has licenses for in the Test Kitchen. Attendees have the opportunity to ask questions and get hands-on experience before deciding if there is something they want to implement in their course.
  • Come meet your college instructional designer and learn what they can do for you with regards to online learning!

Innovation Sessions

This track is focused on sharing the new, innovative strategies and ideas implemented in an online class. For example, consider presenting on things you have done in your course similar to this blog post, which shares six interesting and innovative online activities (2010 Nicky Hockley). Consider including ideas or innovative strategies have been implemented in your course. Share any breakthroughs for working with large online classes and keeping them engaged and interacting with each other or stellar tips for online group work. There is a lot of flexibility for presentations in this track. These sessions are 30 minutes each.

ID Research Sessions

This track includes presentations about a variety of topics related to online learning supported by research in the field. KSU Instructional Designers will answer the questions, "What does the research say?" and "Why is this considered effective practice?" These invited sessions are 30 minutes each. Faculty are not eligible to present in this track.