Proctored Exams

KSU Proctored Exams for Online and Hybrid Courses

KSU Testing Services now offers four options for instructors of online and hybrid courses to deliver final exams in a more secure or proctored environment.

Final Exam Options

  • With testing centers available on the Kennesaw and Marietta campuses, online and hybrid instructors may now request an on-campus proctored exam. Requests must be made in advance. Students in hybrid courses pay a $15 proctoring fee for each exam.  Students in online courses do not a pay a testing fee at the KSU Testing Center for a single instance on-campus final exam or single high stakes exam.

  • This option provides a customized browser that increases the security of online testing in D2L BrightSpace by limiting access to external websites or programs. Students do not pay a fee for this option.

  • This option is a companion product to RLDB and video records students during online, non-proctored assessments. Students using lockdown browser are unable to navigate to other sites or use external programs.  Identity is validated through a series of instructions and recorded steps. The recorded testing session is available to instructors after the exam is complete. Students do not pay a fee for this option.

  • This option provides online active human proctoring through a webcam interface. Instructors establish individual accounts and provide exam details, special instructions and access URLs directly to the ProctorU staff. Students schedule and pay for exams directly via ProctorU during the final exam window. Trained proctors monitor students’ exams via webcam and report any aberrant behavior directly to faculty. Exams proctored through ProctorU have the following fees associated with them:

    • Exam Length
      Cost to Student
    • 30 Minutes or less
    • 31-60 Minutes
    • 61-120 Minutes
    • 121-180 Minutes
    • 181 Minutes or more

    Please Note: Fees are determined by the length of time the course instructor determines is needed for the exam, not the length of time the student take to complete the exam.

Scheduling/Set-Up Procedures

  • Please click here for details regarding scheduling your finals at the testing centers.   

  • RLDB and RLDB with Monitor are instructor facilitated. The settings are available in D2L BrightSpace under the Assessment Tab. Instructions for use are available in the UITS Documentation Center.

  • Instructors select final exam availability dates in the Exam Windows menus when using the ProctorU option. Please click here to get started with ProctorU.

    Students register for exam appointments individually through ProctorU

Testing Services Support

For ant questions or concerns about setting up your exams, please contact the Testing Services Staff at 470-578-4800 (Kennesaw campus) or 678-915-3982 (Marietta campus), or via email at  

Please click here for additional information about KSU Testing Services.