Course Development and Review Overview

Kennesaw State University relies on an internal, faculty peer-review process to implement Quality Matters (QM) standards in online courses. The KSU internal review process uses the QM rubric, which is built around four central themes:

  1. Continuous Improvement - all courses will eventually meet standards
  2. Centered - on research, student learning and quality
  3. Collegial - faculty driven and diagnostic
  4. Collaborative - flexible and not prescriptive

The Distance Learning Center will guide you through this process of online course design to meet QM standards as well as the process for submitting a course for peer-review.

Approved Online Courses, Certified Online Instructors, and Certified Peer Reviewers

The link below will allow you to check the status of online courses, determine who is certified to teach online, and/or determine who is certified to review online course submissions. If you have any questions regarding the status of a course, instructor, or reviewer, please contact Brichaya Shah.

To check a course, instructor, or reviewer status, please click here.

Online Course Submission Deadlines

Please read through the below information regarding course submission deadlines.  Questions can be directed to the Distance Learning Center.

  • Online course submissions are accepted on a rolling basis. Upon receipt, review, and approval of the completed QM Course Worksheet, reviewers will be assigned to the course. Upon the successful completion of the review process (2-3 weeks), a course can be opened for registration.
  • Fully developed courses expected to open for early registration for the upcoming term should be submitted no later than 4 weeks prior to the start of early registration for that term. 

Course Submission Deadlines

Initial Online Course Review Submission Deadlines

  • Fall 2018
  • Early Registration - February 19, 2018
  • *Submitting a course later than the established deadlines should only be done with prior approval from the Distance Learning Center.  Submitting a course later than four weeks prior to the start of a semester may result in the course not being reviewed before the semester starts. Courses that are not approved cannot be offered, and any students registered in the course will have to be removed.

3-Year Re-Review Submission Deadlines

  • Fall Semester
    Spring Semester
    Summer Semester
  • November 1
    March 15
    July 1
  • *Submitting a course later than the above deadlines may result in the course not being reviewed before the next semester starts. Courses that have not been appropriately re-reviewed cannot be offered, and any students in the course will have to be removed.
  • Courses planned for future semesters that do not need to meet the early registration deadline can be submitted at any time for any upcoming semester, but faculty developers should be aware that courses planned to open for early registration receive priority in the review queue.
  • If a course does not successfully complete the review process prior to the start of registration, the course will be placed on a registration hold pending updates, re-submission, and certification.
  • Please Note: Even if a course is submitted in the suggested time frame for an upcoming semester, the Distance Learning Center cannot guarantee the course will be successfully reviewed prior to the opening of early registration. It is advised courses are developed and submitted as soon as possible for upcoming semesters to allow adequate time for approval and review.