Online Course Development

Developing an Online Course

QM Review Process Chart

Online Course Quality and Certification 

All online classes must successfully complete the internal peer review process as part of the KSU Online Course Quality Initiative. 

  • The internal peer review process focuses on course structure and organizational quality. The faculty developer is always regarded as the subject matter expert. (Departments will remain responsible for insuring course content quality and assessing instructional effectiveness.)
  • Prior to teaching an online course, faculty must complete a KSU recognized training class that focuses on the design and pedagogy of online teaching. This results in Online Teaching Certification; please visit Professional Development to learn more about online teaching certification.  
  • Faculty must obtain departmental approval before developing online courses.

In support of the KSU Online Course Quality Initiative, KSU has partnered with Quality Matters for faculty/peer reviewer training materials and certification courses. The Quality Matters website will provide information on the course quality initiative and rubric development process.

Steps For Developing an Online Course 

  1. Obtain permission from your department chair or director to develop the online course.
  2. Complete the Distance Learning Course and Review Request Form.
    • Please ensure you indicate your D2L Brightspace section request, your preferences on the review team, as well as whether you prefer Instructional Design (ID) assistance.
    • Upon submission of the form, the Distance Learning Center will enter your course into the QM Course Review Management System (CRMS), and UITS will create a D2L Brightspace course development shell. Once entered, the Course Worksheet will be sent via email from ‘technology’.  
    • You will also receive an email from the Distance Learning Center explaining the development process, and if you requested ID assistance, your academic college's designer will be indicated in the email. This email will also be forwarded to your department chair, as well as your academic college's Distance Learning Coordinator, notifying them of the online course development. Please keep this email as it contains instructions for completing the QM Course Worksheet.
  3. Build your Course in Desire2Learn (D2L) Brightspace.
  4. Complete a self-assessment of your course using the QM Rubric or contact the Distance Learning Center for an instructional design review of your course prior to submission.
    • Note: To successfully complete the review process, a course must meet all 21 Essential Standards and earn at least 84/99 points on the QM Rubric.
  5. Once your online course is developed and ready to be reviewed, complete the QM Course Worksheet:  The worksheet will be made available to you via email from QM shortly after completing the course request form.
    • For assistance in finding and submitting the Course Worksheet in QM, please click here.
  6. Once the Course Worksheet has been successfully submitted, the course will be queued for review.  For more information about online course review, please visit Online Course Review.