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Information on Available Captioning Services 

The University System of Georgia endorses the W3C's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0) that include the guideline, "Equivalent alternatives for any multimedia presentation shall be synchronized with the presentation." This means that all online course audio/video presentation files should have close-captioning that is synchronized with the presentation. To help faculty meet this guideline, the Distance Learning Center uses the DocSoft appliance to provide close-captioning for online course audio/video presentation.

What is DocSoft?

DocSoft is software that is used to automatically generate text transcripts and closed captioning from audio files and video files with a spoken audio component. These text transcripts and closed captioning files can be configured in virtually any text-based format. The Distance Learning Center is cooperating with the Student Disability Services (SDS) in providing a closed-caption service for online instructors using DocSoft. 

Online faculty members who would like to establish a DocSoft account with the Distance Learning Center must submit their DocSoft Speaker Profile. Your DocSoft Speaker Profile is the sample of your speech that DocSoft uses to convert your speech into text.  DocSoft needs to be trained to your speech in order to better recognize the way you say words. We highly recommend that you record your DocSoft Speaker Profile using quality recording equipment in a quiet environment.

If you need assistance in recording your DocSoft Speaker Profile, please contact your college's instructional designer or

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