Redirect Request for Fall Online Teaching Compensation

Please read below and fill out the following form if you are requesting a redirect.

The Office of Technology Enhanced Learning, upon request from the faculty member, will transfer Online Teaching Compensation (OTC) and/or Peer Review Compensation (PRC) to be used for travel and/or faculty development in support of online and technology enhanced learning. Please note the transfer of funding is not automatic but has to be requested by the faculty using the form below.

An interdepartmental transfer, earmarking the funds in the faculty member's name, will be completed prior to the end of the semester. The faculty member, their Chair, and the college business manager will receive an email confirming the transfer amount and date.

All re-direct requests must be received prior to the last day to withdraw without academic penalty for the course term. That is the date when final enrollment numbers are obtained and required payroll forms and workbooks are completed.

Please note the following:

1.  Course OTC will not be broken down per student with a percentage or fractional amount of any single course being included in payroll and a percentage or fractional amount being transferred to the department.

2.  Fall Semester:

Per Section 4.2.2. of the KSU Faculty Handbook, "All faculty members employed under academic year contracts are eligible for employment during the summer term for extra compensation. This extra compensation cannot exceed 33-1/3% of their salary for the immediately preceding academic year (BoR policy This 33-1/3% is from any funding source including grant funds or employment at another USG institution."

In the event a faculty member exceeds the 33-1/3% cap due to the online teaching compensation (OTC), travel and professional development are not monetary compensation. The Office of Technology Enhanced Learning does not track faculty earnings nor are we aware of which faculty may be exceeding the summer earnings cap.

As an example, if a faculty member is teaching 3 online courses with the per student online teaching compensation (OTC) for one of the courses putting the faculty member over the 33-1/3%, then the Office of Technology Enhanced Learning will, upon request from the faculty member, process 2 courses of OTC through payroll and transfer the OTC for the third course into the college online programs account.

Questions or concerns regarding redirect requests should be emailed to Erica Torrence, Distance Learning Center, Business Manager, at

Fall Online Teaching Compensation Redirect Request Form

If you are requesting to have your compensation applied to professional development or travel, please fill out the following form.