The Teaching Academy for Distance Learning (TADL)/ Workshop on Distance Learning (WODL) program is an award-winning, comprehensive faculty development program that helps you develop the competencies necessary for designing, developing, and delivering quality online courses. It has been dutifully serving our exceptional faculty for almost a decade (see History of TADL).

TADL / WODL program is a collaboration between the DLC and KSU Colleges. The first part, TADL, is completely online and supported by the distance learning experts at the DLC.  The second part is offered in a variety of formats at the college level. 

Click the links to see information from previous versions of TADL / WODL

TADL / WODL syllabus 2018

Bagwell College of Education WODL schedule fall 2018

CHSS WODL schedule fall 2018

At the end of the program, you should have a complete blueprint of a course that you are developing along with several course components and learning activities.


Please contact Brichaya Shah for more information regarding the Teaching Academy for Distance Learning.