The Teaching Academy for Distance Learning (TADL) is a semester long workshop designed to be a hands-on experience that will help you develop the competencies necessary for designing, developing, and delivering an online course. Additional information about TADL can be found here.


The Design phase of TADL introduces instructors to the online course development cycle including the online course review process that makes use of the Quality Matters Rubric. The heart of Quality Matters' Standards is the alignment of course and module objective with course assignments and assessments. This phase covers Bloom's Taxonomy and writing course and module level goals and objectives. We will also address common issues related to copyright laws, accessibility, as well as course planning. 


The Development phase of TADL focuses on taking the goals, objectives, and course policies from the Design phase and aligning them for online delivery according to the Seven Principles of Good Teaching. This includes building a consistent course structure and infusing a variety of course tools, techniques, digital content, and interactions to promote student learning. It will also include an introduction to the Desire2Learn (D2L) Brightspace environment.


The final part of TADL is the Delivery phase, where instructors get the opportunity to participate in each other's D2L Brightspace "sandboxes" as students. During this phase participants will be shown best practices in online delivery. This enables participants to get a feel for how an online course operates, so that they are then able to incorporate their course policies and procedures in their courses. Participants also get the benefit of being able to improve their courses based on the feedback obtained during this phase.


The upcoming session of TADL is currently full. 


Please contact Brichaya Shah for more information regarding the Teaching Academy for Distance Learning.