Online Teaching Certification Overview

Online Teaching Certification – How Do I Get Certified?

To teach online courses at KSU, faculty must hold online teaching certification. Faculty may obtain online teaching certification by successfully completing one of the following workshops:

  1. Successful completion of the Distance Learning Centers Teaching Academy for Distance Learning (TADL)
  2. Successful completion of the Distance Learning Center’s Online Course Facilitation Program (OCFP) workshop.
  3. Successful completion of College of Humanities and Social Sciences’ “Build a Web Course Workshop.”
  4. Successful completion of the Bagwell College of Education’s Online Course Development workshop.
  5. Successful completion of the College of the Arts’ “COTA Boot Camp” for online course development.
  6. Successfully completing CETL’s Online Course Development Workshop (OCD).
  7. Successfully completing CETL's Effective Online Facilitation Workshop (EOF).

Provisional Online Teaching Certification

KSU faculty who do not hold online teaching certification can be awarded provisional online teaching certification if they are unable to attend a certification option before the semester they are scheduled to teach an online course. Provisional online teaching certification is based on prior online teaching experience and/or completion of an online facilitation course. It is awarded for one semester. During that semester, the faculty member must complete one of the above training options to obtain university online teaching certification. Faculty who do not complete one of the options for online teaching certification may not be scheduled to teach an online course beyond the provisional semester. Options for obtaining a Provisional Online Teaching Certification include:

  1. Successfully compete the KSU Provisional Online Teaching Certification Workshop. This workshop is offered online and takes 2-4 hours to complete. To be eligible for this training, the faculty member’s department chair should email Dr. Tamara Powell requesting the training for the faculty member. Dr. Powell will then email the faculty member a link to access the training.
  2. If the faculty member has taught online or completed online teaching certification training at another institution (other than SPSU or KSU), then he/she can be awarded provisional online teaching certification. To complete this process, the faculty member should have his/her department chair request the provisional certification by emailing Dr. Powell a copy of the faculty member’s vitae that contains the online teaching experience and/or online teacher training information. It would be helpful if this information were highlighted.

If you have any questions about your online teaching certification, please email  Dr. Tamara Powell.             

For a complete list of KSU faculty with online teaching certification, please click here.